ConfigMgr 2007 CCR creator tool
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CCR creator tool
A tool that allows the admin to create CCRs
It is based on the tool that was made for SMS 2003.

 Run the Create_and_copy.bat file and it will

1. Create a folder on the c drive called CCRBIN
2. Copy the IPF and Machines.cvs files to the CCRBin folder

Then it will ask you to comple the IPF with SMS installer.

Then to run it use thes directions

1. Add the machines that you want CCR's created for to the Machine.cvs file (it can be 1 or many)
2. Execute the EXE
    3. It will prompt you for your ConfigMgr Server
    4. Then it will prompt you for your ConfigMgr Site code
        (This info can be hardcoded just follow directions in the IPF to do that)

---Created by: Chris Stauffer