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SMS Web Essentials
Manage much of your Configuration Manager infrastructure via a web interface.
Documentation you want to know if it will work or not?

Well, it works!! [SMS Web Essentials for SCCM] About 90% right out of the box.

There are a few report IDs that you will want to change.

Plus, you will need to change the Remote Control Section so it will use the new remote Control.
For XP will need to use the path:
path = \\SMSServer\remote$\rc.exe
Plus changing the command line to: path & " 1 " & CompName & " \\SMSServer\"
Also the Resource Explorer changes:

It needs to be: ("mmc " & Chr(34) & "C:\Program files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\bin\resourceexplorer.msc" & Chr(34) & " -s -sms:ResExplrQuery=" & Chr(34) & "Select ResourceID From SMS_R_SYSTEM Where Name = '" & CompName & "'" & Chr(34) & " -sms:connection=\\SMSServer\root\sms\site_XXX")

Other than these, you should be good to go.
Syntax for remote Tools command lines:

Syntax for remote resource explorer command lines:

---Created By: Ron Crumbaker